The ultimate aim of all Vedic knowledge culminates in one principle, that is “To always remember The Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna & never forget Him”. This can be completely achieved by those children who are engaged in Krishna Krida Playschool®. The unique curriculum is based on a profound research.

Our Programs

Kaumara Udaya

Age Group
1.5 to 3 Years

Time Duration
3 Hours/Day

Kaumara Bhanu

Age Group
3 to 4 Years

Time Duration
3 Hours/Day

Kaumara Bhaskara

Age Group
4 to 5 Years

Time Duration
4 Hours/Day

Pauganda Pravesha

Age Group
5 to 6 Years

Time Duration
4 Hours/Day

Day at Krishna Krida Playschool

64 Traditional Arts

The little ones at Krishna Krida playschool are not only introduced to the 64 traditional arts, but also facilitated and taught that lets them explore the creative genius within! 

Outdoor Play

 Our children just love when it comes to outdoor play in a safe environment. Swirling, catching others, pulling, pushing, shouting, etc., all that     they love to do is legal here.

Sand Play

  Sand is a fascinating thing that our children engage with by making frog holes, building temples, castles, bridges & much more. They love getting dirty to be creative!

Songs & Rhymes

Our little ones are taught Sanskrit rhymes sourced from Upanishads, Puranas and writings of great poet saints. Rhythm and action are what our kids are engaged naturally

Value Education

Krishna Krida kids are facilitated to inculcate 30 qualities for civilized human beings mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatam. Our tiny tots are taught with value education and skills that lasts a lifetime.

Indoor Play

 Krishna Krida kids engage in indoor play as well that includes block building, balancing, joking,     circle time, mat time, playing  with puzzles and much more that are safe and fun.

Free Play

Our tiny tots love it most when it comes to free play where there is no interference from staff other than being watched for safety. Make-believe play, role play, imitative play, etc, all happen here!

Scrapbook Activity

When it comes to creativity Krishna Krida kids have ample opportunity to display it. Scrapbook activity is one such where they cut, paste, color, draw, make designs and much more.


  Our little ones are taught academics in a uniquely fun way that they won't even realize they are learning it! Stories, activity time, dramas, etc., are few methods that our trained teachers use.

Water Play

When our tiny tots are engaged in their favorite water play they splash, pour, make things float, dissolve, direct the water, stop the flow and do all that water mesmerizes them.

Field Trips

There is nothing like it to see things as they are practical, be it bank, post office, temple, Goshala, or even a picnic spot. Opening up our minds to the nature is what our kids are trained to do.


Krishna Krida kids connect with mother nature by sowing seeds, watering plants, harvesting & offering it to the Lord. Respecting & serving mother nature is what they are taught.

Teachers Trained
Krishna Krida Kids
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Continuous Education Program

Salient Features of Krishna Krida Playschool

  1. The Krishna Krida Curriculum (KKC) is well researched and time tested.
  2. Teachers are certified and trained under the one year Pre-Gurukula Acharya Training (PGAT) course program.
  3. Safety and security features such as CCTV surveillance.
  4. “Know Who Cares for your child” (KWC) policy. 
  5. Franchisee Quality Assurance (FQA) support system.
  6. Psychological Fitness Certification (PFC) for all trainers and staff annually.
  7. Continuous Education Programs (CEP) are conducted daily, weekly, monthly and annually.
  8. Community Participation Scheme (CPS) for parent-child-teacher interaction.
  9. Each campus will also offer Weekend Specialty Classes (WSC) for children and adults. 

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