About Krishna Krida Playschool (KKP)

We are a play school brand, an Early Childhood Education project under Tamaltree Enterprises Private Limited, that offer education through a fun-learning concept called Krishna-krida.

Here you can find the perfect blend of cognitive development, creative play, guided activities and education, all set in a thematic based curriculum. If you are you searching for a perfect partner to shape the growth story of your child, then you are at the right place. We provide a fun-filled learning environment with a focus on facilitating natural inclination of your child. 

Krishna Krida epitomizes the transcendental play of The Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna, with his cowherd friends. These wonderful pastimes of the all-attractive Lord are said to be most enchanting. These pastimes provides an imagination for our dear children for natural frolicking, naughtiness, fun-filled ramblings and spontaneous musings set against 12 forests of Vraja. This is our inspiration in providing endless opportunities for physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual development by scientifically designed curriculum. This theme for early childhood education has been thoroughly presented by our Director, Sri Bharat Chandra Dasa in his book “Krsna-krida, The Art of Engaging Children’s Playful Attitude”. 

Krsna-krida, The Art of Engaging Children’s Playful Attitude

Our Vision

We want to provide the first-in-class quality care and unique learning environment for every child designed to fit their personal inclinations and interests based on time-tested wisdom and culture.

Our Mission

To provide a safe and nurturing environment to children by the amalgamation of the necessary technology and the timeless wisdom of Krishna Krida curriculum; and to provide multiple avenues for continuous education programs, quality audits and effective feedback mechanism.

Our Inspiration

Make Vaikuntha. Just produce a new generation. Children should be engaged in Krishna-krida.

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Our Team

Make Vaikuntha. Just produce new generation. Children should be engaged in Krishna-krida.

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Board of Advisors

An eminent  panel of Board of Advisors guide us and help us sharpen, focus and evaluate

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A visual treat of Krishna Krida kids, a day at Krishna Krida Playschool and much more

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