Kaumara Udaya Age Group 2 to 3 Years

Krishna krida Kaumara Udaya is specially designed for the children of Age Group 2 to 3yers keeping in the mind on all-round developmental milestones of your child in this age group. Children are required to attend the classes along with their parents or caregivers for initial one month. Udaya Model Offers structured program to facilitate the developmental experience through free play, kirtans, films outdoor play, puzzles and much more for information please visit our nearest Krishna krida play school.
At 2 years children shown temper tantrums characterized by stubbornness, crying, screaming etc., Our teachers are well trained to handle these situations. Offering soothing activities for children to experience facilitating atmosphere in make-believe play or in their favorite engagement, etc., are few of those many tips and tricks that our teachers are equipped with.
These make-believe plays have enormous cognitive advantages and Krishna krida kaumara udaya program is just well designed for this.
Key Areas In Krishna krida Udaya
  • Facilitating early social interaction with other children. 
  • Attract and hold their attention to various fun-filled Krishna krida activities.
  • Exposure to phonetics 
  • Open up the various dimensions of cognitive development through a combination of outdoor activities and creative engagements.  
  • Activities that facilitate exploration and development of  fine and gross physical motor skills, emotional skills, intellectual skills, social skills, spiritual skills
  • Balancing & constructing 
  • Facilitating make-believe play to fasten their sense of independence 

Examples of key activities involved


Sand Play

Water Play

Field trips

Scrapbook activity

Indoor Play

Free Play

Outdoor Play