Advantage Krishna Krida Playschool

Krishna Krida Curriculum (KKC)

The Krishna Krida Curriculum (KKC) is well researched and time-tested. The curriculum is thematic based and elaborate Activity charts are drawn out for each theme as syllabus. With focus on individuality of the child, each theme and its activity chart is applied by making Parents the part of the process to chart out a learning time table for the child. The curriculum includes –  64 Traditional Arts, 30 Qualities for Civilized Human Beings, Academics  and much more. All are set in unique Krishna Krida based themes. 

Pre-Gurukula Acharya Training (PGAT)

Teachers are certified and trained under the one year Pre-Gurukula Acharya Training (PGAT) course program. 

Know Who Cares (KWC)

“Know Who Cares for your child” (KWC) policy. The policy is part of our agreement that ensures the teachers and the staff know the Parents/ Guardians of the child personally by visiting each child’s house annually while the child and their parents are there at their residence. This is to get familiarized with the family, their personal situations, etc., and also to make the child feel at ease for a smooth transition from house to Krishna Krida Playschool. Our teachers are well trained and equipped with a standard checklist when visiting.

Live Streaming of CCTV

Safety and security features such as Live Streaming of CCTV to parents will be provided. This is one of the many measures we take to ensure safety and security of your child when in our care. Other safety measures such as Annual Building Safety Assessment, Fire Safety Assessment Daily Child Safety Register, etc are transparently maintained at each of our campus. 

Franchisee Quality Assurance (FQA)

Franchisee Quality Assurance (FQA) support system is an annual assessment of each campus for maintenance of the utmost standards as per our policy. A rating is then given and the same is be displayed at a prominent place in each facility.

Psychological Fitness Certification (PFC)

Taking care of children is a stressful service. Even the most adept and trained can slip into stress. An annual Psychological Fitness Assessment is carried out for each trainer and the staff in every center of Krishna Krida Playschol and a Psychological Fitness Certificate (PFC) is provided. This ensures that all our caretakers are fit and perfectly tuned to take the right care of each child. Apart from the PFC, a Total Force Fitness will be assessed touching various fitness areas such as health and spirituality.

Continuous Education Programs (CEP)

Continuous Education Programs (CEP) are conducted daily, monthly and annually. Daily quotes are read out at each center, monthly special classes for Care takers are held and Annual CEP meet is organised to share, improve and inculcate best practices.

Community Participation scheme (CPS)

Community Participation scheme (CPS) for parent-child-teacher interaction, whereby one parent of a child participate on any one day of a week. Their Parents not only will get a chance to learn the unique curriculum and pedagogy but also provide feedback. The unique scheme is that a Parent who gets to spend time for a minimum of 6 hours per week in the playschool engaging themselves in caring for children as per the instructions of local staff, shall obtain a special discount for his or her child on the fees.

Weekend Speciality Classes (WSC)

Each campus will also offer Weekend Speciality Classes (WSC) for children and adults and planned family activities in the community it serves.  KKP will also offer children managed Ratha yatra, Abhishekhams and other festivals providing great activities for kids and an easy experience for parents.  Activity instructors will be assigned for these events and will lead the activities, ensuring a memorable celebration.